Looking for X-Ray Micro Focus Generators?

If you are in search of Micro Focus x-ray generators, you have come to the right place. Magnatek offers HT generators for x-ray tube heads (Micro Focus). Magnatek works with the best manufacturers of Micro Focus tubes and offers quality series for your industrial or medical needs.

Product Series

There are three product series at Magnatek. They are:

  • MFX 120-1 – Maximum 120 KV, maximum 1 mA,
  • 120 maximum wattages, grid-controlled,
  • with Euro R10 HT receptacle type
  • MFX 160-1 – Maximum 160 KV, maximum 1 mA,
  • 160 maximum wattages, grid-controlled,
  • with Euro R24 HT receptacle type
  • MFX 225-1 – Maximum 225 KV, maximum 1 or 3 mA available,
  • 225 or 500 maximum wattages, grid-controlled, Euro R28 HT

The Micro Focus generators are used for a range of x-ray inspection purposes, from inspecting electronic circuit boards to the inspection of castings and 3D measurement.

Quality that Makes a Difference

For your x-ray inspection needs, the x-ray Micro Focus generators from Magnatek are made to be long lasting and deliver consistent performance exactly when you need them. For a project quote or to get help from a leading manufacturer with close to 25 years of experience, depend on Magnatek.

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